Meet the ADIF Team

Get to know the founding team, learn about their background and interests, and find out how to reach them.

Sijo Kuruvilla George

Executive Director at ADIF: He is leading the alliance, and providing vision and leadership to our mission of making the Indus Valley startup ecosystem the best in the world.

His interests lie at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and policy.

Sijo is the founder of MobME – a mobile value-added services provider based in Kerala, the first student startup from the state – and the founding CEO of Startup Village – a not-for-profit business incubator. He has been a champion of startups and has played a crucial role in bringing entrepreneurship to the wider public discourse in Kerala.

He has also been instrumental in advocating and conceptualising the Kerala Student Startup Policy and the Kerala Startup Policy.

In recognition of his contributions, he was invited to the first cohort of Rajeev Circle Fellowships by Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation and the International Visitor Leadership Forum (IVLP), a prestigious professional exchange program of the Department of State, USA. He was also selected as a member of the Central Government’s Expert Committee on Science and Technology Policy.

Moreover, Sijo loves books, board games, whiteboards, google scripts, coffee, basketball and cricket – his first love – and has represented Kerala University’s basketball team!

His all-time favourite comic is Calvin & Hobbes and he has a curated board game collection.

What inspires Sijo is being able to work on interesting problems and with interesting people. He enjoys getting things done, and having control over one’s time and attention. 

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Tom Thomas

Director of Policy and Research at ADIF: Working towards ensuring a favourable policy environment for Indian startups to grow.

Tom completed his B.Tech from the National Institute of Technology, Warangal and a PG in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. He has worked with private, public, and academic incubators in the past and has experience designing and launching programs for startups with national and international partners.

Previously, he has held positions of Director of Operations, Kerala Startup Mission; Chief Operating Officer, IIIT-H Foundation; Associate Vice President, Startup Village; and Associate Software Engineer, Avaya India Pvt. Ltd.

Moreover, he loves photography and travelling – having been to nine countries! His most frequented destination is the Himalayas.

He loves solving puzzles and is motivated by difficult questions.

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Jibin Jose

VP of Startup Relations at ADIF: oversees the alliance.

Jibin, a graduate in computer science and engineering, has been a startup founder – building an IoT Hardware company called Flipmotion. ADIF co-founder and board member Ritesh Malik wrote the first cheque at Flip and they ended up raising capital from other top investors like Accel Partners and Qualcomm Ventures after winning the prestigious Qualcomm QPrize 2015 (runner-up). Flipmotion was part of one of the top hardware accelerators called 'Make in LA.'

He has been an associate partner at Startup Bridge – a data-led, curated marketplace catalyzing commercial relationships between B2B startups and Global Fortune Corporations – and has had consulting engagements with Appmaker, ZG, and LetsVenture.

Originally from Wayanad, Kerala, Jibin has travelled to over 15 countries – Turkey and Chile being his favourites. He has experienced zero gravity with Tony Hawk while skateboarding and has pitched to Mark Cuban – a shark on Shark Tank! Moreover, he’s a dad to guinea pigs Disney and Toffee.

‘Smart work’ and kind people inspire and motivate him.

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Amanat Khullar

Content and Editorial Manager at ADIF: Aims to showcase how the Indus Valley startup ecosystem has grown and to bring the founders and other champions in the sector to the forefront.

Amanat, who holds a BA (Honours) in Economics from the University of Delhi and an MS in Journalism, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, has experience in reporting, content, editing, and audience engagement.

She has previously worked with, Quartz India and The Wire and written on a myriad of issues including mental health problems among the Indian-American immigrant population, India’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the 2019 riots in northeast Delhi.

Amanat loves reading fiction and travelling – trekking and camping in Himachal Pradesh remain her favourite. She also enjoys painting and gardening and is a highly obsessive plant mom.

She believes in kindness above all and is always on the hunt for a new challenge.

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