ADIF New Alliance Members, July 2021


Founder and CEO: Ravi Mittal

QuackQuack is a matchmaking platform designed for the modern Indian.


Co-founder and CEO: Pulkit Sharma

Khabri is an audio platform targeted at the next billion internet users.

ASIMOV Robotics

Founder and CEO: Jayakrishnan T.

ASIMOV Robotics provides engineering products solutions and consultancy in the areas like robotic simulation and control, machine-vision, training, virtual reality, and navigation applications.


Co-founders: Johns T Mathai and Kannappa Palaniappan P

EyeROV’s vision is to be the technology leader and solution provider in underwater critical infrastructure inspections and surveys.

Kinemach Engineering and Machines Pvt Ltd

Co-founders: Ashwanth M.P and Jerish John

Kinemach is focused on transforming global machinery industry with pioneering innovative machines and state-of-the-art engineering solutions relevant for the evolving market.


Co-founders: Mayank Pratap and Aditi Chaurasia

Supersourcing is a next-generation platform built for businesses/startups to find the best agencies in tech or remote developers to work with.

Zartek Technologies

Co-founders: Zameel Kainikkara and Rishin Haris

Zartek is a leading software development company in India with expertise in mass consumer technology products.


Founder: Aditya Mishra

POGI connects students and parents looking for guidance in career and education with vetted subject matter experts and advisors. 


Co-founder and CEO: Rakesh Edavalath

Zelish is a kitchen management application that helps people run their kitchen effortlessly without worrying about the hassles of planning, shopping and cooking.

Egen Softwares

Founder: Rishab Awasthi

Egen Softwares develops solutions to ease your daily tasks.


Founder: Vignesh Ramaswamy

Canvas is a platform to create, monetize, and engage with your followers across any platform.


Founder: Vipin Kamal

DemandPay is a fintech company providing turnkey payment solutions to enterprises having recurrent receivables.

Transight Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Founder and CEO: Feroz Rehman

Transight is a premium trans-national provider of high-end communication solutions for various industries.


Founder: Hiloni Punatar

WebShakers is a full-service marketing agency specializing in tech-powered digital marketing.


Co-founder: Tim Sabu

Picklebowl offers the most modern and cost-effective interior designs fulfilling their clients needs.

Start2Scale Consulting

Founder and managing director: Sachith Sebastian

Start2Scale is a consulting and advisory firm offering specialized services to start-ups, VC firms, Angel Investor syndicates and Technology services firms.

Troncart Solutions Private Limited

Co-founders: Sumesh Nair and Aneesh Chandran

Troncart is one of the largest technology parks in India.


Co-founders: Sandeep S and Ashwathy Venugopal

Avasarshala is a platform that helps children discover their interests and talents and utilize them to build self-confidence, get recognized and grow into well-nurtured personalities of tomorrow.


Founder: Prabil MJ

Campper is an online marketplace helping landowners, who have excess land capacity, to share their land with people who are on the lookout for experiencing new places for camping.

elegantVie Consults and Designs Private Limited

Founder: Vineesh U S

elegantVie partners with our customers in their transformation journey towards becoming a nimble, responsive organization. Together with the team, they embed new ways of working, to solve priority problems, create a more engaging workplace and enhance collaboration. 

Will & More

Founder: Rekha Kuruvilla

Will and More was created to fill the gap in the Indian will making and storage practices and to promote a culture of leaving a Letter of Instructions.

ConceptNXT Technologies

Co-founder: Rahul R

ConceptNXT is an information security company focused on providing a complete set of Information Security services, products and solutions targeting the Indian markets.


Co-founders: Fahmi Bin Backer, Adhil Munna CS, and Haris Sulaiman

Cloodot is an all-in-one messaging platform to grow your business with ease.

Notion Robotics

Founder: Sandhya Rao

Driver Logistics

Founder: Aqil Ashique

Driver Logistics has a mission to assist the most successful companies in the world to empower their supply chain.

Anaxee Digital Runners Private Limited

Co-founders: Arti Gupta Agrawal and Govind Agrawal

Anaxee Digital Runners is a tech-enabled last-mile outreach and data collection agency with a focus on Tier 2, 3, and 4 towns and villages.


Founder and CEO: Murukesh Sadasivan

Codeflow is an organization whose main motive is to empower the student community by organizing webinars, hackathons and open source events.

Haatch Interactive

Founder: Vishnu Prasad

Haatch Interactive is a user experience studio and a full stack development company.

Unremot Inc

Founder: Shiju Radhakrishnan

Unremot is a personal office for professionals and small businesses


Founder: Malavika Mohan

Inspired by our heritage and craftsmanship, Anantapura brings you a blend of Indian essence and modern sensibilities.

Zackriya Solutions

Founder and CEO: Sandeep Zachariah

Zackriya Solutions is a technology design house and service provider in the field of embedded systems and AI & Automation.

CAT Entertainments

Founder: Amarnath Sankar

CAT Entertainments is a B2B Video Content Production Company.

Volcano Inc

Founder: Sajith Amma

Volcano is a video platform for live and real-life content.


Founder: Kurien Thomas

INATA (Intelligent Algorithmic Trading Assistant) is a customer-centric online Investment Platform that does Financial Trading like an Expert Human Trader.

Direct Delight

Founder: Rahul Subhash


Founder: Sujeet Kumar Mehta

WhatsTool is focused on building tools for WhatsApp and Small businesses that are running their business or marketing on WhatsApp. 


Founder: Arun Suresh Kumar

Strollby helps you plan your next trip in just a few clicks.

AlphaGeek Enterprises

Founder and director: Sooraj Surendran

AlphaGeek is a team of engineers, researchers and businessmen who have set out to create a sustainable future for everyone.

TinkerHub Foundation

Co-founder: Moosa Mehar MP

TinkerHub Foundation is a non profit initiative aimed at making use of 21st-century technologies and learning methods to foster a fresh breed of highly skilled young people empowered with technical and social skills.

PlantMe Agro Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Founder and CEO: Ashwin Ramachandran

PlantMe helps you grow pesticide-free food at home using soilless farming technique.


Co-founders: Sooraj Chandran and Keerthi Jayadevan

Tinyschool helps developers learn new skills, get mentorship, build real-world projects and find a job in top global teams.


Founder and CEO: Aadil Shah

AADAR is an ayurvedic brand that focuses on issues such as health & wellness in men and women.

Venture Way Startup Ecosystem LLP

Founder: Vinay James Kynadi

Venture Way is a resource-rich virtual ecosystem connecting startup founders, investors, mentors and (support) service providers.

Co-founder: Jayadeep S

Bluehour App helps online sellers click awesome product photos and increase sales. It can be integrated into any existing app as well.

Woolly farms

Co-founder and CEO: Bushair AP

Woolly is a C2C (customer to customer) urban farming network. 


Co-founder and CEO: Jones Joseph

Tegain is a virtual IT firm with an organized network of professionals around the globe.


Co-founders: Muhammed Shibin and Yan Chummar

Minutes helps to eliminate meeting fatigue with asynchronous communication.