ADIF lauds CCI’s leadership in ensuring fair market practices in digital economy by calling out Google’s abuse of dominant position

The CCI’s finding that Google is stifling competition and innovation in the market, coming on the heels of similar actions the world over in the last couple of weeks, is a great development. ADIF lauds this leading step taken by the CCI in line with the Indian digital ecosystem’s needs. This will count as one of the first major steps by Indian regulators to reign in the might of Google. Together, we must continue our efforts towards blocking the tech giant from indulging in abusive practices. 

ADIF welcomes this development and lauds the leadership of the CCI for its diligent guardianship of ensuring fair market practices in the internet & digital economy as well. The findings of the probe is a scathing indictment of Google’s anti-competitive practises and continued abuse of dominant position. This report also sheds light and provides evidence on some of the specific actions and tactics adopted by Google in its pursuit of being the gatekeeper of the digital economy. 

The tech giant is dominant in multiple key markets – search, advertising, browser, smartphone & smartphone OS, app economy, payments – which results in stifling of competition and a hindrance to fair markets. The company is facing antitrust probes in nearly all geographies and markets that it operates in.

Abuse by dominant players puts other players in the internet economy at a disadvantage. The internet & app economy is made up of scores of small players, and it is crucial that their interests are protected.