ADIF hails ACM's move to check Apple's abuse of market power, anticipates cascading effect in antitrust challenges against tech giants

The decision by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), the Dutch antitrust authority, against Apple is a seminal one. The body has found that Apple’s rules mandating software developers to use its in-app payment system are anti-competitive and has ordered it to make changes.

The development is a clear indictment of the abuse of dominance by Apple in the app economy and the first instance of an antitrust regulator calling out Apple for its anti-competitive AppStore practices. This adds to the list of credible interventions by authorities around the world - in Japan, South Korea, US - on app marketplace operators in ensuring fair market practices. What also makes it more interesting is that the ACM has not levied a fine, but has rather demanded changes to Apple’s in-app payment system. 

The development is likely to have a cascading effect in all markets and geographies where Apple is operating in or facing antitrust challenges. The decision by ACM will act as a precedent and influence the way regulators world over view & review app marketplace policies.